Frying Pan to the face

“You two! Get your asses over here right now. I need to talk to you,”  Jud practically bellowed.

“Well that is a bit unnecessary, Jud.  Don’t forget your lack of rank,” Fry said sarcastically.  Ann dipped her head and smirked.  Fry wasn’t done.  “If anything, I think I have a few questions for you.  So you are going to shut the f**k up now, tell your little buddies to go home and grant your brother some goddamn respect.  This isn’t a publicity stunt.  I don’t give a shit who he is to you.  You’re family and not on the case.  So go home NOW and when I feel like dealing with you I will.”


I am pleased to announce the first book in what I hope will become a series.

“Open Slowly, Away From Face” is a murder mystery–>  Will Lieutenant Ann Graves and Chief Jay Fry crack the case before the case cracks them?

I will post excerpts, teasers and commentary as I limp through my first fiction work.

Any comments or questions are welcome, just fill out the form and send them my way.  You can also email me at  and follow me on twitter @justhargraves