Fry smiled to himself.  God he loved Ann Graves.  He brushed his hand across his chin and up the left side of his face deep in thought.  Wow, I didn’t realize I was sporting a fur coat.  He made his way into her master bath to grab a quick shower and got a good look at himself in the mirror.  ‘Mountain man’ barely began to cover what he was seeing.  

Ann really must love him because she made no mention of the creature that now lived on his face.  Right at that moment he decided to shave.  Fry didn’t like how old this beard made him look.  He sidestepped to the shower to fetch his razor and nearly stepped right into the low bin of kitty litter between the glass enclosed shower and the sink.  He cursed softly.  Where was that cat, anyway?  

R.A.O. teaser #2


I guess I am teasing something major-ish now and I guess you’ll have to read both novella shooters to find out.

There will be enough surprises I can give a tiny one away.  #YoureWelcomeInternet

Balling up the spent bandages, he gently placed the new square on the red and angry stitches, pressed until the ointment held the gauze in place so he could apply the tape.  His eyes welled up involuntarily. He was still in so much pain and quit taking the pain medication when he felt himself wanting a second pill moments after taking the first.  Studying himself in the mirror a moment he wrinkled his nose.  Wow, he thought, Ann must love me.  I look like shit on a shingle and she hasn’t said a word!  

Refrigerate After Opening

Just a teaser from the next work in my series as I allow the first, “Open Slowly, Away from Face” to come out of the oven and cool.  Same Fry.  Same Graves.  A tale full of adventure.  A tale as old as time.  Life is mighty dangerous and Lt. Ann Graves should watch her back.

  This bitch needed to die, like, yesterday.  Andes Black was watching her for quite some time after he was paroled and this domestic bliss bubble she is living within needed to shrivel or pop.

let’s get zzzZZZzzz

“Yeah.  Let’s get back to your place.  It is closer.  We can get a few hours in before mid-morning and start fresh.”  Ann nodded.  That sounded good.  This whole night was confusing for a number of reasons.  Ann nodded.  That sounded really good.  This whole night was confusing for a number of reasons.



-that moment when sleep stops answering your calls and there is nothing left to do but write…a blog post…not your story.





Copy that

So BA let me take over the blog this evening to discuss the case that has been driving us nuts all this week.

I don’t need to really paint the picture for you because it would be graphic and way too bloody, but we have a killer that is targeting some investment types.  Now I can’t speak for Fry, well I should because he is just too lazy to show up to anything not directly tied to work…you know, like my birthday.  Anyway, I can’t speak for Fry, but the rest of us are grasping at straws for a connection beyond the fact that all of the deceased either work for Sutter & Holmes or are the spouse/significant other of someone that works for Sutter & Holmes.  Best I can figure is S & H really bungled someone’s investments.  Is that enough on its own to get you killed?  I don’t know…

Then again, money and love are the top two motives for murder.

I’ll be back when we know more.  Can’t speak for Fry, though.  He might be here if there is free food.

-A. Graves

writer’s update

Editing has been slow, my friends, but I endeavor to bring you a lot more teasers.

No, to answer a frequently asked question, the teasers are in no particular order.  They are just tasty bread crumbs I toss to my friends.

OH! THAT reminds me…

Lt. Ann Graves will be taking over the blog to give a bit of background and detail to the story.  I am super excited to read her post. 

Time to sleep…check out Lt.  A.G.’s post soon.

Happy Independence Day, America! Home of the Brave. 🇺🇸